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  • Brandon 12:38 am on July 22, 2010 Permalink |  

    Dangers of Four-Wheelers 

    It is summer and time to have the time of a lifetime. (I thought). It all started on a hot fun day.

    I was on my four-wheeler riding around with my cousins on their vehicles. We were having a blast up until One of my cousin’s dirt bikes acted up. I was still riding around while everybody was trying to figure out  what was wrong with his dirt bike.

    I got thirst while I was riding so I came up to my house and got me a Gatorade. After I was done drinking it I got back on my four-wheeler. I thought about showing off so I went really fast through our riding path.

    There is a fence on the path so we have to swerve to miss it. I didn’t swerve fast enough and my back tire nailed the start of the fence. It whipped my four-wheeler in the air while I was on it. It swung me around and gave me whip-lash.

    I didn’t fly off my four-wheeler nor did I hit my head. But later that day I started getting a huge headache. After a couple of more days, it got worse. So my dad took me to the hospital and they said I had a concussion from the wreck. My dad Thought “No way”. He didn’t even hit his head.

    Well it turns out 9 out of 10 concussions are caused by whip-lash. So there I am sleeping for a week, taking pain pills. I woke up yesterday and felt fine. I am fine now. I am still not allowed on my four-wheeler for another week.

  • Brandon 5:00 pm on May 26, 2010 Permalink |  

    Commenting on My friends posts.

  • Brandon 4:58 pm on May 21, 2010 Permalink |  

    I’m writing my D.A.R.E essay.

  • Brandon 4:58 pm on May 20, 2010 Permalink |  

    My 2009 Doe!!! 

    I recently got a comment from I thought it was pretty cool to have a website that has it’s own t.v show comment on my blog. Here is the comment.


    Keep up the good work. Let us hear about your hunting experiences. Also check out and learn some new stuff. Happy Hunting!

    I read over it a couple times and thought why not. I could share my hunting stories to you guys. I decided to tell about a doe that I shot on youth season. Here it goes.

    I woke up at 5 o’clock on Saturday morning. I put my hunting clothes on and went back to wake my dad and my younger brother up. I told them to get dressed. I called my uncle to make sure he was up. He answered and knew what I was going to ask him. He said “I’m coming”. I grabbed my gun and went out to start our truck, to let it warm up. I put my gun behind the seat. My vrother did the same thing with his gun.

    We were headed to our hunting spot. We met our uncle there. We discussed where we were each going to set. I was sitting with my uncle in the same spot I killed a big 8 the year before. My brother was sitting with my dad on up the hollow from us. We walked into the woods and settled in. It was now 7 o’clock.  Me and my uncle were sitting right beside an old deer path that we thought was abandoned, against a tree three foot from the path.

    It was now 7:30 a.m. and I was cooooold. I was going to get my hand warmers out of my fanny back when I heard something up over the hill. I slowly looked up and saw a doe coming down the hill. I pulled my gun up and steadied it  on the deer. The doe kept getting closer. There was a ditch about f feet from where me and where we were. The deer was going to cross it. When she got one foot of her feet across it she looked up at me and my uncle. She saw me twitch my lip because it was cold.

    She started running up the old deer path beside me and my uncle. I pulled the hammer back and stuck my gun out while she was on her way up the path . She ran in front of my gun and I pulled the trigger. She dropped to her chest and took off. Me and my uncle heard her crash on up the hill. We saw the blood right infront of our faces. It was a heck of a blood trail. My dad and my brother walked out of the hollow.

    My dad asked if I got him. I said yeah and it was just a doe. We all walked up the hill to where me and my uncle heard her crash. She wasn’t there but luckily she left a good blood trail. I followed that blood trail for about 100 yards!!!! I finally found it in the creek 100 yards away from where I shot it. My dad took off to get the four-wheeler. I took my knife out and started gutting the deer. that deer looked like she was hit with a cannon ball from where she was so close when I shot her!!!! NO JOKE.

    When my dad came back with the four-wheeler I done had her gutted and tagged. We loaded her up and went back to the truck. We set there and talked about how she came right up beside us and my dad kept saying that there was no way. We finally got him to believe us and loaded her up in the truck. Then we went to go tag her at our nearest tagging pace which happened to be Granny’s Pizza. We all had pizza to celebrate.

  • Brandon 5:18 pm on May 19, 2010 Permalink |  

    Its Time For My D.A.R.E. Essay!!!! 

    In D.A.R.E, I have learned that if you smoke tobacco, marijuana, chew tobacco, drink and drive, or even drink the probability that you are healthy is close to zip.

    I have learned that staying drug free will make your life easier. If you stay drug free you will be able to get accepted into better colleges and have a better job. If you want to stay healthy then I would suggest to stay drug free. This is import because if you want to be a fireman like me and you do drugs you probably wont get the job. This has impacted me because I want to be a fireman and to do that I will not do drugs.

    There are people who will ask you to try drugs in middle school. That is why our officer has taught us 4 ways of staying out of them situations, they are; avoiding the situation, strength in numbers, walking away, and the cold shoulder. He also taught us 5 ways of getting out of those situations, these are; saying no, giving a reason or fact, changing the subject, the skipping CD, and use of humor.

    I promise Darren, the D.A.R.E. lion and D.A.R.E. that I will make wise decisions about alcohol, tobacco, and the other drugs.

    • Destinyp 6:39 pm on May 26, 2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I like how you said that staying drug free will make your life easier. I agree that it will make your life alot easier. It will get you a good job and you can have a good family be staying drug free.

    • Nash 6:55 pm on May 26, 2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I like your essay. Your right you can probably can get into better colleges if you are drug free. You can also play sports and get better jobs because nobody(at least I wouldn’t) would hire someone who does drugs.

  • Brandon 4:45 pm on May 12, 2010 Permalink |  

    Solving The problem 

    Derek solves the problem by catching the guy who shot Sam. When the bad guy took off Derek was right there behind him. He chased the bad guy for about half a mile before he caught him.

    Derek used his bravery and takes advantage of gym class to help him succeed to solve the problem.

  • Brandon 4:37 pm on May 12, 2010 Permalink |  


    The last minute crisis in the story is when the kids find out who shot Sam he took off running down the dark ally. They are running after him, they keep yelling at him telling him to quit. They finally catch him. They are wondering who it is. So they take off his bandanna and glasses. Then they take his hood down. Chelsea yells and takes off hitting the guy.

    Derek solves this problem by him catching D.J. and him unmasking D.J.

  • Brandon 4:19 pm on May 12, 2010 Permalink |  

    Conflict or Problem 

    The problem in my story is that Sam gets shot while he is shopping for his sick grandma.

    After school one day the friends went to Sam’s house because he said that his grandma wanted him to go grocery shopping. He got the list and him and the others walked to the grocery store. Chelsea told Sam  “Me and the others would be across the street at the mall.” Sam said “ok. according to this list we could meet up here at maybe 8:00.”

    Well when that time arrived and Sam was done shopping the other were late for meeting him. He thought that they just got held up. He sat on the bench outside of the grocery store, he saw that a black corvette was turning around and going past him every 5 minutes for 30 minutes, so he decides to go ahead and leave Chelsea a message on her phone and then start home.

    He did and went the back way home, through the dark ally. He saw that the corvette followed him through the ally. He started running and the car just kept getting faster. The car finally caught up to Sam. Then there was a gunshot.

  • Brandon 4:18 pm on May 12, 2010 Permalink |  

    The Setting 

    In my story I have two settings one setting is school and the other is outside of a grocery store. The story would take place when these friends are in the 8th grade. Witch happens to be the present

    When the kids are in the school they are mostly beside each other at their random colored lockers. They stand in the hallway and let time pass by talking beside their lockers. The hallway has blue and white tiles on the floor. Every twenty feet there is an archway. The hallway is about 85 feet long. The lockers are scattered in random colors including Blue, Red, White, Black, Pink, Green, Yellow, Brown, Light Blue, Orange, Light Green, and Light Brown.

    Now to the outside of the grocery store. Out side of the grocery store their is a parking lot with parallel parking. Their is a sidewalk and their is a black SUV that is always parked out back. The kids think it is the managers car but they don’t really know who’s it is. Their is a couple of protection pole so if you pull up you don’t hit the soda machines. Yes, their is a couple of soda machines outside.

    These settings impact the story because what happens in school stays in school. What happens outside of the grocery store goes every where.

  • Brandon 4:18 pm on May 12, 2010 Permalink |  

    My Characters 

    One of my characters is Emily. She is a brunette, wears her hair flattened all the time,  always wears a t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, she is 5′ 4″, and is an average 8th grader. She is kind of emotional. Every time something bad happens she cries. She is like madly in love with Derek but doesn’t want him to know.

    Jacob, another one of my characters has about 5 inches of curly blond hair, he wears baggy pants, always wearing his lucky bracelet, he is about 5′ 6″. He weighs about 106 lbs. He only cares about his friends and doesn’t show his true feelings. He is dating Molly and knows that Sam likes her. He is kind of mad at Sam but Sam is still his friend.

    Sam has short brown hair, he wears a flannel and blue jeans some days, on other days he wears a black t-shirt and jean shorts. He is about 5′ 3″ and weighs 124.6 lbs. He isn’t in love with Molly but likes her and knows that Molly and Jacob are dating. He lives with his grandma. His grandma is really sick. She is a breast cancer survivor. Sam is a true man and is not afraid to cry in front of anyone.

    Chelsea has long straight red hair, she wears a spaghetti strap that only covers 3 quarters of he belly. She is 5″ 0″ and weighs 110 lbs. She always wears Capri’s with fluffy rainbow socks. She loves spending time with her friends but has trouble in school. She use to like Sam but they dated and it didn’t work out. She still has feelings for him but they are way down deep.

    Molly is a brunette that always wears hairspray. She wears perfume all the time, she wears a t-shirt with light colored jeans. She is dating Jacob. She doesn’t care about her grades. She has two younger brothers and an older sister. Molly is 5′ 7″ and weighs 98 lbs. She looks down to her 5′ 2″ sister though, but really looks up to her.

    Derek has short brown hair, wears Axe body spray and is new to the school but has a bunch of dependable friends. He is a straight A student. Derek lives with his friends if he isn’t hanging out with one friend he is at the others house. He actually lives with his mom, dad, and younger brother. He is 5′ 6″ and weighs 104.5 lbs.

    D.J has long black hair. He is a gang banger, he has been in jail before for stabbing a store clerk. He was caught the next day spending the dough that he had stolen from the clerk. He isn’t that smart because their was blood on some of the money. He is in the 11th grade. He is about 6′ 10″ and weighs about 200 lbs. He is the Villain in this book.

    The villain impact the story by changing the friends lives forever.

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