Dangers of Four-Wheelers

It is summer and time to have the time of a lifetime. (I thought). It all started on a hot fun day.

I was on my four-wheeler riding around with my cousins on their vehicles. We were having a blast up until One of my cousin’s dirt bikes acted up. I was still riding around while everybody was trying to figure out  what was wrong with his dirt bike.

I got thirst while I was riding so I came up to my house and got me a Gatorade. After I was done drinking it I got back on my four-wheeler. I thought about showing off so I went really fast through our riding path.

There is a fence on the path so we have to swerve to miss it. I didn’t swerve fast enough and my back tire nailed the start of the fence. It whipped my four-wheeler in the air while I was on it. It swung me around and gave me whip-lash.

I didn’t fly off my four-wheeler nor did I hit my head. But later that day I started getting a huge headache. After a couple of more days, it got worse. So my dad took me to the hospital and they said I had a concussion from the wreck. My dad Thought “No way”. He didn’t even hit his head.

Well it turns out 9 out of 10 concussions are caused by whip-lash. So there I am sleeping for a week, taking pain pills. I woke up yesterday and felt fine. I am fine now. I am still not allowed on my four-wheeler for another week.